Ecclesial Ministry Formation Programs
for the
Diocese of Las Vegas


The Lay Ecclesial Ministry Program is a two-year program that prepares lay men and women to serve as Ecclesial Ministers. Ecclesial lay ministers are defined as those lay men and women who have been prepared professionally for ministerial leadership roles. The Church needs people with a solid sense of ministry, a clear theology of Church, and the skills to carry out their ministry.

The entire Lay Ecclesial Ministry Program is conducted in both English and Spanish. It includes academic studies in theology, spiritual formation, and pastoral development. Additionally, this program is a prerequisite for those who are interested in applying for the Deacon Formation Program.

Upcoming Program:

Year 1 (Sept. 2011 - May 2012)

Year 2 (Sept. 2012 - May 2013)

For more information, or to register, please contact:

Marc González, D.Min., Director
Department of Faith and Ministry Formation
Diocese of Las Vegas,  P.O. Box 18316
Las Vegas, NV 89114-8316

Phone: 702-735-6044;  Fax: 702-697-5917


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2008-2010 L.E.M.P.


Several Advanced Ministry Formation programs are available for graduates of the L.E.M.P. and other ecclesial ministers.

The Deacon Formation Program is a three-year program that focuses on the human, spiritual, doctrinal, and pastoral formation of candidates preparing for ordination as Permanent Deacons in the Diocese of Las Vegas. It includes monthly weekend sessions, annual retreats, bi-weekly faith sharing meetings, individual spiritual direction, and participation in a variety of social ministries.

The monthly instructional sessions of this program are open to other Ecclesial Ministers (lay men and women, religious sisters and brothers) not preparing for diaconal ordination. All participants must have successfully completed the LEMP, or have similar prior formation. Current priests and deacons may also attend the sessions for continuing education purposes.

While integrating all aspects of diaconal formation at all times, each year of the Deacon Formation Program will concentrate on one of the three main functions of diaconal ministry:

Year 3: Diaconia of the Word (Scripture and Preaching)

Year 4: Diaconia of the Liturgy (Sacraments and Prayer)

Year 5: Diaconia of Charity (Service in the Diocese and the World)

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for Deacon Candidates and other Lay Ecclesial Ministers

For information about the A.M.F programs, please contact:

Fr. Bill Kenny
Holy Spirit Parish
Las Vegas, NV


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