Johannine Themes in the Early Church Councils
by David Arias

Bibliography & Resources


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This is a very helpful Catholic doctrinal commentary on the Fourth Gospel. Includes many quotes from Church Fathers and Church Doctors regarding their interpretations of St. John's Gospel.
Aquinas, Thomas, Saint. Commentary on the Gospel of St. John. New York: Magi Books, 1980. An excellent word by word doctrinal commentary from the point of view of medieval Scholastic Theology. St. Thomas often incorporates the insights of many other Church Fathers especially St. Augustine.
Augustine, Saint. The Trinity. Trans. by Edmund Hill, O.P. New York: New City Press, 1991.

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This work is an historical-critical attempt to reconstruct the community which is hypothesized to have produced the Gospel of St. John.
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De Maldonado, Juan. Comentarios a San Juan. Madrid: La Editorial Catolica, 1954. This work, written in Spanish, is a good doctrinal commentary on St. John's Gospel. Maldonado frequently incorporates the views of the Church Fathers into his analysis.
Denzinger, Henry. The Sources of Catholic Dogma. St. Louis: Herder, 1957. This is a classic source book of official documents from the Roman Catholic Magisterium. Contains the major doctrinal documents from the first twenty Ecumenical Councils.
Moloney, Francis J. The Gospel of John. Sacra Pagina 4. Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 1998. An historical-critical approach to the Fourth Gospel which tends to focus more on theological concerns than strictly historical matters.
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This work is an excellent compendium of many of the central dogmas of the Catholic Faith. Ott pays special attention to identifying the Scriptural and Patristic foundations of the dogmas which he cites.
Rensberger, David. Johannine Faith and Liberating Community. Philadelphia: Westminster, 1988.
An historical-sociological interpretation of the Gospel of St. John.

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This important work contains the texts of all twenty-one Ecumenical Councils both in English and in their original languages.

The Fathers of the Church -

This website has tons of information on the Early Church Fathers as well as links to many other important theological sites. The Ecole Initiative - This site has texts from both Ecumenical and local Councils from the third through fifteenth centuries. Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils - Through this site one has access to the documents from all twenty-one Ecumenical Councils of the Roman Catholic Church.
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