Johannine Themes in Christian Liturgy
by Gail Gresser

The Wedding Feast at Cana
(John 2: 1-12)


Phrases and Images:

Liturgical Texts:
Liturgy/Season Prayer/Liturgy Part Context
Wedding Mass C
Solemn Blessing "...May the Lord Jesus, who was a guest at the wedding in Cana, bless you and your families and friends."
Book of Blessings:
I. Order for the Blessing of a Family; A & B
Intercessions "At Cana in Galilee, when a new family was beginning, you gladdened it with your first miracle, changing water into wine; alleviate the sorrows and worries of this family, and change them into joy."
[French (Revised?) Order of Celebrating Matrimony  (for use in France and French- speaking Canada)* Nuptial Blessing "It is through Him that we pray to you: as he has sanctified the wedding of Cana and purified his Church in offering himself for her, we know that he intercedes before You for our friends, N and N, today, tomorrow, and all the days of their life unto eternity."

[For use only when the couple joins in sacramental communion] ]

*From Jan Michael Joncas' article on the proposed new Marriage Rite, 1998
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