The Gospel of John in Film, Television, and Multimedia
by Glenn Patrick Buxton

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Online Movie and Video Databases

Celluloid Jesus: The Christ Film Web Pages - links to databases and articles on Jesus Films; from Mark Goodacre's "New Testament Gateway"

The Internet Movie Database - search directly for "Jesus" on the Internet Movie Database

All Movie Guide - searchable database of current and recent movies only

Hollywood Jesus - "Pop Culture from a Spiritual Point of View"

Journal of Religion and Film - electronic journal with some related articles

Motion Pictury Industry - list of links from

Recent Video and Audio Sales Online

VIDEO: - over 80 videos available with keyword "Jesus"

Films for the Humanities & Sciences - mostly documentaries; available for purchase

The Jesus Film Project - from the Campus Crusade for Christ


Audio Tape Commentary on the Gospel of John

Multi-Media Internet Bibles and Commentaries

An Audio Version of John: Chapter by chapter

The Gospel of John in Arabic: Downloadable Audio Version

Catholic Media Directory

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