by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

Depictions of John 9: The Healing of the Man Born Blind

Manuscrit Grec 74, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris

from Évangiles avec peintures byzantines du XIe siècle: Reproduction des 361 miniatures du Manuscrit grec 74 de la Bibliothèque nationale. 2 vols. Paris: Berthaud frères, 1908.


(p. 159 top, fol. 185v)

a) John 8:59a - "They picked up stones to throw at him";
b) John 9:59b - "but Jesus hid and went out of the temple area."

 (p. 159 bottom, fol. 186)

a) John 9:1-5 - Jesus' disciples ask about the connection between blindness and sin.
b) John 9:6 - Jesus smears mud on the blind man's eyes (while the authorities watch?).
c) John 9:7a - Jesus sends him to wash in the Pool of Siloam (someone guides him there?).

(p. 160 top, fol. 186)

a) John 9:7b - The blind man washes in the Pool of Siloam and receives his sight;
b) John 9:8-12 - The formerly blind man encounters his neighbors and acquaintances.

(p. 160 bottom, fol. 186v)

a) John 9:13-17 - The formerly blind man is questioned by the Pharisees.

(p. 161 top, fol. 187)

a) John 9:18-23 - The Jewish authorities question the parents of the man who had been born blind.
b) John 9:24-33 - The authorities question the formerly blind man for a second time. 

(p. 161 bottom, fol. 187v)

a) John 9:24-33 (cont.) - The authorities continue questioning the formerly blind man.
b) John 9:34 - The authorities throw the man out of the room where they were meeting.
c) John 9:35-39 - Jesus again encounters the newly sighted man, who comes to believe in and worship Jesus.


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