Art and Images related to John's Gospel
compiled by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

JOHN 9–10

Holy Transfiguration Monastery: Two Scenes from John 9Jesus Gives Sight to a Man Blind since Birth (John 9:1-41) - this episode is unique to John's Gospel
Jesus the Good Shepherd (John 10:1-21) - this pericope is found only in John, but the imagery is somewhat similar to the parable of Matt 18:12-14 and Luke 15:1-7
Jesus Is Rejected by the Jews (John 10:22-42) - these passages are found only in John
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John 1, esp. John (the Baptizer)
John 2–3, esp. the Wedding at Cana
John 4–6, esp. the Samaritan Woman
John 7–8, esp. the Adulterous Woman
John 9 –10, esp. the Man Born Blind
John 11–12, esp. the Raising of Lazarus
John 13–17, esp. the Washing of the Feet
John 18–19, esp. the Crucifixion and Burial Scenes
John 20–21, esp. Mary Magdalene & Doubting Thomas
Depictions of John the Evangelist
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