THST 310 - The Gospel according to John - Fall 2003
Felix Just, S.J.

Exercise # 4

Essay on Johannine Ethics

Choose an ethical topic or moral issue that interests you and is somehow related to the Gospel of John:

  • for example, the role of "the Jews" in the Fourth Gospel and anti-Semitism in Christian history and today;

  • or the role and treatment of women in Johnís Gospel and in ancient or modern Jewish or Christian society;

  • or the role and treatment of foreigners in Johnís Gospel and in ancient or modern Jewish or Christian society;

  • or something on bioethics, right to life, capital punishment, or another life/death issue in the ancient or modern worlds;

  • OR, attend one or more events sponsored by the Bellarmine Forum (October 26 - November 2 at LMU), and somehow connect this with Johnís Gospel (see their website for schedule and details).

Get approval for your topic by turning in a brief proposal:

  • choose a preliminary paper title and write a 2-3 sentence summary of the issue you want to investigate;

  • also explain in 1-2 sentences how your topic is related to Johnís Gospel (to which passages? be specific!)

  • be creative in your imagination, but be concrete and focused about your proposal (donít make your topic too broad);

  • if your topic is related to the Bellarmine Forum, tell me exactly which session/event you have attended or will attend;

  • submit this brief proposal (hand-written or typed) by the beginning of class on Wednesday, October 29, 2003.

Write a 1000-word essay, using the standard format we have been using for all written assignments this semester:

  • see the instructions for Exercise #1, or the "Guidelines and Tips for Written Exercises" on our website;

  • papers are due by November 26, 2003 (before Thanksgiving), and will hopefully be returned to you by December 3; you may then revise and resubmit them for a final grade (hopefully higher)! But make sure your initial paper is written well and proofread carefully; have someone else help you with grammar and spelling, if necessary.


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