THST 310 - The Gospel according to John - Fall 2003
Felix Just, S.J.

Exercise # 2

Book Reviews of Scholarly Literature on the Fourth Gospel

Choose a book to read and review from the list provided (only one student per book; first-come, first-served!):

  • do not just pick the shortest book available, but one which has a topic of interest to you;

  • the book you choose must be at least 100 pages long, or you can review two shorter books;

  • if you want to review a book not on the list below, please ask for my approval in advance;

  • do not select books with call numbers BS2615.3 (all of which are commentaries, not studies);

  • tell me ASAP which book(s) you want to review, to prevent overlaps with other students.

Write a 1000-word review, using the following format:

  • provide the full and correct bibliographical information at the top, as in the sample reviews mentioned below;

  • spend over half of your review summarizing the author’s main points; be as objective and factual as possible;

  • spend some time also critiquing the book (honestly but fairly), mentioning its main strengths and weaknesses;

  • briefly say what category of readers the book is intended and/or best suited for, and give your overall evaluation of it.

  • to save paper, please use 1-inch margins, 10-point type, 1½ line spacing, and print on both sides of the page.

  • reproduce the book's Table of Contents (with page numbers) at the end of your review (not part of your 1000 words).

  • do not use footnotes in your review, but include any necessary references in parentheses within your text.

  • for other formatting and grammatical tips, see the General Guidelines and Writing Tips.

Samples of format and style for your written reviews:

  • see the reviews in the back of any issue of the Journal of Biblical Literature (JBL) and/or the Catholic Biblical Quarterly (CBQ), both available in the periodicals section of the LMU Library (upstairs);

  • see also some online reviews at the Review of Biblical Literature;

  • or see also a few book reviews written by Felix Just, S.J.

Some Books on the Fourth Gospel in the LMU Library:

Anderson, Paul N.
The Christology of the Fourth Gospel: Its Unity and Disunity in the Light of John 6.
BS2615.2 .A53 1997 – (esp. on John 6)

Ashton, John.
Studying John: Approaches to the Fourth Gospel.
BS2615.2 A73 1994

Ball, David Mark.
'I Am' in John's Gospel: Literary Function, Background, and Theological Implications.
BS2615.2 .B295 1996

Barrett, C. K.
The Gospel of John and Judaism.
BS2615.2 .B3513 1975

Beck, David R.
The Discipleship Paradigm: Readers and Anonymous Characters in the Fourth Gospel.
BS2440 .B38 1997

Borgen, Peder.
Bread from Heaven; An Exegetical Study of the Concept of Manna in the Gospel of John and the Writings of Philo.
BS2615.2 .B6 – (esp. on John 6)

Brown, Raymond Edward.
The Community of the Beloved Disciple. – (on library reserve)

Byrne, Brendan.
Lazarus: A Contemporary Reading of John 11:1-46.
BS2615.2 .B97 1991 – (on John 11)

Carmichael, Calum M.
The Story of Creation: Its Origin and Its Interpretation in Philo and the Fourth Gospel.
BS2615.2 .C364 1996 – (esp. on John 1)

Cassidy, Richard J.
John's Gospel in the New Perspective: Christology and the Realities of Roman Power.
BS2615.2 .C38 1992

Charlesworth, James H.
The Beloved Disciple: Whose Witness Validates the Gospel of John?
BS2452.B36 C48 1995

Chatelion Counet, Patrick.
John, a Postmodern Gospel: Introduction to Deconstructive Exegesis Applied to the Fourth Gospel.
BS2615.2 .C686 2000

Collins, Raymond F.
These Things Have Been Written: Studies on the Fourth Gospel.
BS2615.2 .C65 1990

Coloe, Mary L.
God Dwells with Us: Temple Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel.
BS2615.2 .C67 2001

Countryman, Louis William.
The Mystical Way in the Fourth Gospel: Crossing over into God.
BS2615.2 .C69 1994

Crosby, Michael.
"Do You Love Me?": Jesus Questions the Church.
BS2615.6.C5 C76 2000

Cullmann, Oscar.
The Johannine Circle: Its Place in Judaism, among the Disciples of Jesus and in Early Christianity: A Study in the Origin of the Gospel of John.
BS2615.2 .C8413 1976

Culpepper, R. Alan.
Anatomy of the Fourth Gospel: A Study in Literary Design.
BS2615.2 .C85 1983. – (on library reserve)

Culpepper, R. Alan.
The Gospel and Letters of John.
BS2615.2 .C855 1998

Daly-Denton, Margaret.
David in the Fourth Gospel: The Johannine Reception of the Psalms.
BS2615.2 .D25 2000

Duke, Paul D.
Irony in the Fourth Gospel.
BS2615.2 .D85 1985

Eller, Vernard.
The Beloved Disciple--His Name, His Story, His Thought: Two Studies from the Gospel of John.
BS2615.2 .E44 1987

Farmer, Craig S.
The Gospel of John in the Sixteenth Century: The Johannine Exegesis of Wolfgang Musculus.
BS2615 .F35 1997

Fehribach, Adeline.
The Women in the Life of the Bridegroom: A Feminist Historical-Literary Analysis of the Female Characters in the Fourth Gospel.
BS2615.6.W65 F44 1998

Ford, J. Massyngberde.
Redeemer--Friend and Mother: Salvation in Antiquity and in the Gospel of John.
BS2615.6.S25 F67 1997

Fredriksen, Paula.
Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews: A Jewish Life and the Emergence of Christianity.
BT301.2 .F74 1999

George, Larry Darnell.
Reading the Tapestry: A Literary-Rhetorical Analysis of the Johannine Resurrection Narrative (John 20-21).
BS2615.2 .G485 2000 – (esp. on John 20-21)

Hawkin, David J.
The Johannine World: Reflections on the Theology of the Fourth Gospel and Contemporary Society.
BS2615.5 .H38 1996

Heil, John Paul.
Blood and Water: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus in John 18-21.
BS2615.2 .H45 1995 – (esp. on John 18-21)

Hengel, Martin.
The Johannine Question.
BS2601 .H36 1990

Hooker, Morna Dorothy.
Beginnings: Keys that Open the Gospels.
BS2555.2 .H67 1997 – (esp. on John 1:1-18)

Howard-Brook, Wes.
John's Gospel & the Renewal of the Church.
BS2615.2 .H68 1997

Julian, Paul.
Jesus and Nicodemus: A Literary and Narrative Exegesis of Jn. 2,23-3,36.
BS2615.2 .J85 2000 – (esp. on John 3)

Karris, Robert J.
Jesus and the Marginalized in John’s Gospel.
BS2615.6.S55 K37 1990

Kaufman, Philip S.
The Beloved Disciple: Witness against Anti-Semitism.
BS2452 .B36 C48 1995

Kenney, Garrett C.
John 1:1 as Prooftext: Trinitarian or Unitarian?
BS2615.2 .K37 1999 – (esp. on John 1:1)

Kenney, Garrett C.
Leadership in John: An Analysis of the Situation and Strategy of the Gospel and the Epistles of John.
BS2601 .K46 2000

Köstenberger, Andreas J.
The Missions of Jesus and the Disciples according to the Fourth Gospel: With Implications for the Fourth Gospel's Purpose and the Mission of the Contemporary Church.
BS2440 .K67 1998

Koester, Craig R.
Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel: Meaning, Mystery, Community.
BS2615.6.S97 K64 1995

Kurz, William S.
Farewell Addresses in the New Testament.
BS2545.F35 K87 1990 – (on John 13-17)

Kysar, Robert.
John, The Maverick Gospel.
BS2615.2 .K93

La Potterie, Ignace de.
La Vérité dans Saint Jean.
BS2545.T78 L36 1999

Lincoln, Andrew T.
Truth on Trial: The Lawsuit Motif in the Fourth Gospel.
BS2615.2 .L49 2000 – (esp. on John 18-19)

Lozada, Francisco.
A Literary Reading of John 5: Text As Construction.
BS2615.2 .L7 2000 – (esp. on John 5)

Madden, Patrick J.
Jesus' Walking on the Sea: An Investigation of the Origin of the Narrative Account.
BT367.W34 M33 1997 – (esp. on John 6)

Martyn, J. Louis.
History & Theology in the Fourth Gospel.
BS2615.2 .M34 1979 – (esp. on John 9)

Minear, Paul Sevier.
John, The Martyr's Gospel.
BS2615.2 .M53 1984

Moloney, Francis J.
Belief in the Word: Reading the Fourth Gospel, John 1-4
BS2615.2 .M57 1993 – (on John 1-4)

Moloney, Francis J.
Signs and Shadows: Reading John 5-12.
BS2615.2 .M573 1996 – (on John 5-12)

Moloney, Francis J.
Glory Not Dishonor: Reading John 13-21.
BS2615.2 .M572 1998 – (on John 13-21)

Montague, George T.
The Vision of the Beloved Disciple: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John.
BS2615.2 .M585 2000

Neyrey, Jerome H.
An Ideology of Revolt: John’s Christology in Social-Science Perspective.
[see me for this book]

O'Grady, John F.
According to John: The Witness of the Beloved Disciple.
BS2615.2 .O35 1999

Pazdan, Mary Margaret.
The Son of Man: A Metaphor for Jesus in the Fourth Gospel.
BS2615.6.S57 P38 1991

Petersen, Norman R.
The Gospel of John and the Sociology of Light: Language and Characterization in the Fourth Gospel.
BS2615.2 .P475 1993

Ravindra, Ravi.
Christ the Yogi: A Hindu Reflection on the Gospel of John.
BS2615.2 .R365 1998

Rensberger, David K.
Johannine Faith and Liberating Community.
BS2615.2 .R39 1988

Riley, Gregory J.
Resurrection Reconsidered: Thomas and John in Controversy.
BS2860.T52 R55 1995

Ringe, Sharon H.
Wisdom's Friends: Community and Christology in the Fourth Gospel.
BS2615.2 .R56 1999

Schneiders, Sandra Marie.
Written that You May Believe: Encountering Jesus in the Fourth Gospel.
BS2615.2 .S34 1999

Scroggs, Robin.
Christology in Paul and John.
BT198 .S373 1988

Segovia, Fernando F.
Love Relationships in the Johannine Tradition: Agape/Agapan in I John and the Fourth Gospel.
BS2545.L6 S43

Segovia, Fernando F.
The Farewell of the Word: The Johannine Call to Abide.
BS2615.2 .S433 1991 – (on John 13-17)

Sloyan, Gerard S.
What Are They Saying about John?
BS2615.2 .S565 1991

Smith, D. Moody.
John among the Gospels: The Relationship in Twentieth-Century Research.
BS2615.2 .S623 1992

Smith, D. Moody.
The Theology of the Gospel of John.
BS2615.2 .S626 1995

Staley, Jeffrey Lloyd.
Reading with a Passion: Rhetoric, Autobiography, and the American West in the Gospel of John.
BS2615.2 .S722 1995

Stibbe, Mark W. G.
John as Storyteller: Narrative Criticism and the Fourth Gospel.
BS2615.2 .S744 1992 – (esp. on John 18-19)

Story, Cullen I. K.
The Fourth Gospel: Its Purpose, Pattern, and Power.
BS2615.2 .S746 1997

Thatcher, Tom.
The Riddles of Jesus in John: A Study in Tradition and Folklore.
[on order]

Tilborg, Sjef van.
Reading John in Ephesus.
BS2615.6.E67 T55 1996

Umoh, Camillus.
The Plot to Kill Jesus: A Contextual Study of John 11.47-53.
BS2615.2 .U46 2000 – (on John 11)

Van der Watt, J. G.
Family of the King: Dynamics of Metaphor in the Gospel according to John.
BS2615.6 .R54 2000

Watson, Alan.
Jesus and the Jews: The Pharisaic Tradition in John.
BS2615.2 .W38 1995

Westermann, Claus.
The Gospel of John in the Light of the Old Testament.
BS2615.2 .W46513 1998

Wijngaards, John.
The Spirit in John.
[see me for this book]

Wills, Lawrence M.
The Quest of the Historical Gospel: Mark, John, and the Origins of the Gospel Genre.
BS2585.2 .W576 1997

Winsor, Ann Roberts.
A King Is Bound in the Tresses: Allusions to the Song of Songs in the Fourth Gospel.
BS2615.2 .W56 1999

Yee, Gale.
Jewish Feasts and the Gospel of John.
BS2615.2 Y43 1989


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