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Loyola Marymount University
Los Angeles, California
August 5-8, 2000

Saturday, August 5      Sunday, August 6      Monday, August 7      Tuesday, August 8

Task Forces      Continuing Seminars      Research Reports

Local Arrangements Committee
Felix Just, S.J., Chair
William J. Fulco, S.J.
Jeffrey S. Siker
Carolyn Conti
Gail Gresser
Carol Turner
Program Committee
Leslie J. Hoppe, O.F.M., Chair
Barbara Bowe, R.S.C.J.
Deirdre A. Dempsey
John Endres, S.J.
Pauline A. Viviano
Liturgy Committee
Corrine Patton
Gordon F. Davies

Saturday, August 5
1:00-4:00 P.M.    Meeting of Executive Board    (Hilton 300)

1:30-8:00 P.M.    Registration    (Rains/McCarthy Patio)

4:00-5:30 P.M.    Meeting of CBQ Editorial Board    (Hilton 300)

6:00-7:00 P.M.    Dinner    (Ahmanson Dining Commons / Malone Center)

7:00-8:00 P.M.    Meeting of CBQMS Editorial Board    (Hilton 300)

7:00-8:00 P.M.    Meeting of Board of Trustees    (Hilton 302)

8:00-9:00 P.M.    PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS    (Hilton 100)

Charles H. Talbert, Baylor University Seminary
"Paul, Judaism, and the Revisionists"
Social Hour (immediately following)

Sunday, August 6
    7:15-8:30 A.M.   Breakfast     (Ahmanson/Malone Center)

    7:30-8:15 A.M.     Meeting of Program Committee  (at breakfast)

    9:00-10:45 A.M.     Task Forces and Continuing Seminars  (with coffee break at 9:45-10:00 A.M. on Regents Terrace)


    "Narrative and History in the Hebrew Bible"    (St. Robert's 233)
    Convener: Pauline A. Viviano, Loyola University of Chicago
    Core Group:
        Ehud Ben Zvi, University of Alberta
        Stephen B. Reid, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
        Jerome T. Walsh, University of Botswana
        Timothy M. Willis, Pepperdine University

    "The Historical Jesus and His Earliest Interpreters"    (St. Robert's 234)
    Convener: Gregory E. Sterling, University of Notre Dame
    Core Group:
        Harold W. Attridge, Jr., Yale Divinity School
        Kathleen E. Corley, University of Wisconsin
        Brigid Curtin Frein, University of Scranton
        Felix Just, S.J., Loyola Marymount University
        John P. Meier, University of Notre Dame
        Francis J. Moloney, S.D.B., Catholic University of America
        Frederick J. Murphy, College of the Holy Cross
        Seamus O'Connell, St. Patrick's College
        Terrence Prendergast, S.J., Archbishop of Halifax
        Timothy McHugh Scott, C.S.B., University of Alberta
        Charles H. Talbert, Baylor University
        Benedict T. Viviano, O.P., University of Fribourg

    "The Social Sciences and Biblical Interpretation: Paul's Letter to the Philippians"    (St. Robert's 242)
    Convener: Bruce J. Malina, Creighton University
    Core Group:
        F. Scott Bartchy, University of California at Los Angeles
        Alicia J. Batten, University of St. Thomas
        David M. Bossman, O.F.M., Seton Hall University
        Richard J. Cassidy, Christ the King Seminary
        Dennis C. Duling, Canisius College
        John H. Elliott, University of San Francisco
        K. C. Hanson, Fortress Press
        Jerome H. Neyrey, S.J., University of Notre Dame
        John J. Pilch, Georgetown University
        F. Scott Spencer, Wingate University
        Walter F. Taylor, Jr., Trinity Lutheran Seminary

    "Feminist Hermeneutics"    (St. Robert's 239)
    Co-Conveners: Carol J. Dempsey, O.P., University of Portland, and Mary Margaret Pazdan, O.P., Aquinas Institute of Theology
    Core Group:
        Don C. Benjamin, Kino Institute of Theology
        Theresa R. Brown, Church Divinity School of the Pacific
        Joan E. Cook, S.C., Washington Theological Union
        Mary Rose D'Angelo, University of Notre Dame
        Mark C. Kiley, St. John's University, Staten Island
        Alice L. Laffey, College of the Holy Cross
        Linda M. Maloney, Liturgical Press, Collegeville
        Sheila McGinn, John Carroll University
        Judith Schubert, R.S.M., Georgian Court College
        Elisabeth M. Tetlow, Loyola University, New Orleans

    "Exhortation and Theology in 1 Thessalonians and Galatians"    (St. Robert's 237)
    Convener: Normand Bonneau, O.M.I., St. Paul University
    Core Group:
        Scott Brodeur, S.J., Collegio del Gesù
        Veronica Koperski, S.F.C.C., Barry University
        Richard C. Macey, Our Lady of the Woods Church
        Sean C. Martin, University of Dallas
        Carol C. Mock, Maryville College
        Gregory Tatum, O.P., Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology
        Ronald L. Tyler, Pepperdine University
        John L. White, Loyola University, Chicago

    "Biblical Hermeneutics: Modernity and Beyond"    (St. Robert's 246)
    Co-Conveners: Gina Hens-Piazza, Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley, and David Penchansky, University of St. Thomas
    Core Group:
        Dianne Bergant, C.S.A., Catholic Theological Union
        James Flanagan, Case Western University
        David Landry, University of St. Thomas
        Kathleen O'Connor, Columbia Theological Seminary
        Jean-Pierre Ruiz, St. John's University, Jamaica

    "The Gospel of Mark at the End of the Century"    (St. Robert's 248)
    Co-Conveners: Timothy Carmody, Spring Hill College, and Hugh Humphrey, Fairfield University
    Core Group:
        Charles A. Bobertz, St. John's University, Collegeville
        Paul Danove, Villanova University
        John R. Donahue, S.J., Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley
        Edward T. Gareau, Holy Cross College
        Marie Noel Keller, R.S.M., College Misericordia
        Elliott C. Maloney, O.S.B., St. Vincent's College
        Michael Patella, O.S.B., St. John's University, Collegeville
        Bonnie B. Thurston, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

      "Information Technology and Biblical Studies: Computer Resources for Scholars and Teachers"   (St. Robert's 249)
          CBA Computer Committee

      "The Poetry of Psalms 79-83"  (St. Robert's 354)
          Lawrence E. Boadt, C.S.P., Paulist Press, and Joseph F. Wimmer, O.S.A., Washington Theological Union

      "Proto-Luke: Verifiable Bridge from Elijah-Elisha to Mark"    (St. Robert's 355)
          Thomas Brodie, Dominican House of Studies, Dublin

      "The History of Exegesis: Its Role in Exegesis Today"    (St. Robert's 356)
          Michael J. Cahill, Duquesne University

      "Audience-Oriented Exegesis of the New Testament"   (St. Robert's 353)
          Warren Carter, St. Paul School of Theology, and John P. Heil, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary

      "Canon History: The Canonical Process in Ancient Israel and Early Christianity"   (St. Robert's 357)
          Duane L. Christensen, William Carey International University

      "Biblical Issues in Jewish-Christian Relations: The Passion Narrative in the Gospel of John"   (St. Robert's 361)
          John J. Clabeaux, St. John's Seminary College, and Philip A.Cunningham, Notre Dame College

      "Scripture in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Literature"    (St. Robert's 367)
          Robert A. Kugler, Gonzaga University

      "Historical Criticism and the Spiritual Sense: Friends or Enemies"    (St. Robert's 358)
          Francis Martin, Mother of God Community

      "Divinity in Ancient Israel"  (St. Robert's 369)
          Corrine Patton, University of St. Thomas, and Mark S. Smith, St. Joseph's University

    11:00-12:00 N.     SIMULTANEOUS SESSIONS:

    Brendan Byrne, S.J., Jesuit Theological College, Melbourne    (Hilton 100)
    "Interpreting Romans Theologically in a Post-'New Perspective' Perspective"

    Barbara Green, O.P., Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, Berkeley    (Murphy Recital Hall)
    "Rueful Repentance (Genesis 44): An Intersection of Critical Theory and Biblical Spirituality"

    12:15 P.M.         MASS:  The Transfiguration of the Lord     (Sacred Heart Chapel)
                             Robert B. Lawton, S.J., President of Loyola Marymount University -- Presider and Homilist

    1:15-2:15 P.M.   Luncheon

    1:00-3:00 P.M.     Computers Available for E-Mail and Web Browsing     (Hilton 40)

    2:30-5:40 P.M.     RESEARCH REPORTS (four sessions):

    2:30-3:10 P.M. First Session (seven simultaneous sections)

      Michael Patrick O'Connor, Catholic University of America    (St. Robert's 233)
        "Direct Discourse in Biblical Hebrew"
      Seung Ai Yang, University of St. Thomas  (St. Robert's 234)
        "The Last Temptation of Job"
      Warren Carter, Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City    (St. Robert's 237)
        "Take My Yoke, Not Rome's: Matt 11:28-30"
      Timothy A. Friedrichsen, Catholic University of America    (St. Robert's 239)
         "On Luke's Use of Matthew: A Survey of Scholarly Response to and Additional Observations on the Demonstration by the Research Team of the International Institute for Gospel Studies"
      Vincent M. Smiles, St. Joseph, MN   (St. Robert's 246)
        "What Was Wrong with Israel's and Paul's 'Zeal' for the Law? An Alternative to the Viewpoint of James D.G. Dunn"
      Benedict T. Viviano, O.P., University of Fribourg    (St. Robert's 248)
        "The Perfect Law of Freedom: Jas 1:25 and the Law"
      James A. Fischer, C.M., University of Arkansas    (St. Robert's 249)
        "The Relationships of Leaders and People in the Bible from a Narrative Perspective"

    3:15-3:55 P.M. Second Session (seven simultaneous sections)

      Craig E. Morrison, O.Carm., Pontifical Biblical Institute    (St. Robert's 233)
        "Targum Neofiti and the New Testament: The Question of Methodology with a Focus on the Trial of Tamar in Tg.Neof. Gen 38:25"
      Antony F. Campbell, S.J., Jesuit Theological College, Australia    (St. Robert's 234)
        "Job: The Book with Almost no Answer"
      Joseph Grassi, Santa Clara University  (St. Robert's 237)
        "Matthew's Lord's Prayer and Social Justice"
      Leonard Maluf, South Orange, NJ  (St. Robert's 239)
        "Lucan Demoniacs and Synoptic Parallels: Luke 4:31-38 and 8:26-39 according to the Two-Gospel Hypothesis"
      Duane Christensen, William Carey International University    (St. Robert's246)
        "`Paul's Cloak' within the Canonical Process in Early Christianity"
      Elaine Wainwright, Catholic Theological College    (St. Robert's 248)
        "Women as Healers in Early Christianity"
      Lawrence E. Frizzell, Seton Hall University   (St. Robert's 249)
        "Persecution and Vengeance in the Diaspora: From Esther to 3 Maccabees"

    3:55-4:15 P.M.     Coffee Break    (Regents Terrace)

    4:15-4:55 P.M.    Third Session  (six simultaneous sections)

      Rudolph H. Dornemann, ASOR Executive Director    (St. Robert's 233)
        "Recent Developments at Tell Qarqur"
      Teresa R. Brown, Richmond, CA   (St. Robert's 234)
         "Where Have All the Women Gone? Sir 47:19-21 Contains a Rationale for the All-Male History of Israel in `Praise of the Fathers'"
      Paul Danove, Villanova University  (St. Robert's 237)
         "An Analysis of the Mark's Characterization of God"
      John Topel, S.J., Seattle University   (St. Robert's 239)
         "The Golden Rule (6:31) and Imitatio Dei (6:36) as the Two General Principles of the Lukan Love Command (6:27-36)"
      Susan Elliott, Sterling, CO  (St. Robert's 246)
         "Choose Your Mother, Choose Your Master: Gal 4:21-5:1 in the Shadow of the Anatolian Mother of the Gods"
      Donatus Udoette, St. Joseph's Major Seminary, Nigeria   (St. Robert's 248)
         "Prophecy in Israel and in the New Religious Movements in Nigeria"
      Jeffrey S. Siker, Loyola Marymount University    (St. Robert's 249)
         "Coverage of the Bible in American Popular Media"

    5:00-5:40 P.M.    Fourth Session  (six simultaneous sections)

      Roland E. Murphy, O.Carm., Whitefriars Hall    (St. Robert's 233)
        "Questions Concerning Biblical Theology"
      Jeremy Corley, Ushaw College, Durham, England    (St. Robert's 234)
        "A New Look at Sir 25:24"
      Francis J. Moloney, S.D.B., Catholic University of America    (St. Robert's 237)
        "Mark 6:7-30: The Twelve, Mission and Failure"
      Robert J. Karris, O.F.M., St. Bonaventure University    (St. Robert's 239)
         "Luke 8:26-39 in Medieval and Contemporary Interpretation"
      John L. White, Loyola University  (St. Robert's 246)
        "Paul's Primary Idea of God"
      Hugh R. Page, Jr., University of Notre Dame    (St. Robert's 249)
        "Theme Bibles--A Case Study in the Commodification of Sacred Texts"
    6:00-7:30 P.M.     Dinner

    8:00-9:00 P.M.     GENERAL SESSION    (Hilton 100)

    James L. Crenshaw, Duke University
    "Theodicy in the Psalter"
    Social Hour (immediately following)

Monday, August 7
7:15-8:30 A.M.     Breakfast

9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.     Computers Available for E-Mail and Web Browsing     (Hilton 40)

9:00-10:45 A.M.    Task Forces and Continuing Seminars  (as on Sunday)

11:00-12:00 Noon     SIMULTANEOUS SESSIONS:

Daniel J. Harrington, S.J., Weston Jesuit School of Theology    (Murphy Recital Hall)
"The Old Testament Apocrypha in the Canon Debate"

S. Scott Bartchy, University of California, Los Angeles    (Hilton 100)
"Who Should Be Called 'Father'? Paul of Tarsus between the Jesus-Tradition and Patria Potestas"

12:15 P.M.     MIDDAY PRAYER     (Sacred Heart Chapel)

Stephen B. Reid, Presider and Homilist

1:00-2:15 P.M.     Luncheon

2:15-3:45 P.M.     GENERAL SESSION    (Hilton 100)

Panel Discussion: "The Bible and Justice: Allies or Enemies?"
        John L. White, Loyola University, Chicago
       Dennis Hamm, S.J., Creighton University
       Gina Hens-Piazza, Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley
       Jean-Pierre Ruiz, St. John's University, Jamaica

3:45-4:00 P.M.     Coffee break    (Lawn South of Hilton)

4:00-5:15 P.M.     Business Meeting [CBA members only]    (Hilton 100)

5:15-6:00 P.M.     Meeting of Program Committee    (Hilton 300)

6:00-7:30 P.M.     Dinner

7:00-8:00 P.M.     Meeting of Computer Committee    (Hilton 300)

7:00-8:00 P.M.     Meeting of Archaeology Committee    (Hilton 302)

8:00-9:00 P.M.     GENERAL SESSION:    (Hilton 100)

Carol Stockhausen, Marquette University
"Building Bridges: Critical Biblical Scholarship and Contemporary Media in the Classroom"
Social Hour (immediately following)

Tuesday, August 8
7:15-8:30 A.M.      Breakfast

9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.     Computers Available for E-Mail and Web Browsing     (Hilton 40)

9:00-10:45 A.M.    Task Forces and Continuing Seminars  (as on Sunday)

11:00-12:00 Noon     SIMULTANEOUS SESSIONS:

David Penchansky, St. Thomas University, St. Paul    (Murphy Recital Hall)
"Hokmah and the Ideology of Monotheism"

Wendy Cotter, C.S.J., Loyola University, Chicago    (Hilton 100)
"The Miracle Story in the New Millennium:A New Look at its Form and Function"

12:15 P.M.     MASS: Feast of St. Dominic    (Sacred Heart Chapel)

Benedict T. Viviano, O.P. -- Presider
Gordon F. Davies -- Homilist

12:00-2:00 P.M.    Luncheon

10:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.     CHECK-OUT from Residence Halls (please inform the Local Arrangements Committee if you need to check out earlier or later)

Executive Board
Charles Talbert, President
Dianne Bergant, C.S.A.,Vice President
Joseph Jensen, O.S.B., Executive Secretary
Lawrence E. Boadt, C.S.P., Treasurer
Aelred Cody, O.S.B., General Editor, CBQ
Christopher T. Begg, General Editor, OTA
Mark S. Smith, General Editor, CBQMS
Emil A. Wcela, Chair, Board of Trustees, '97-'00
Brigid Curtain Frein, Consultor, '98-'00
Gregory E. Sterling, Consultor, '98-'00
Dennis C. Duling, Consultor, '99-'01
Corrine Patton, Consultor, '99-'01
Board of Trustees
Emil A. Wcela, Chair, '97-'00
Anthony J. Saldarini, '97-'00
Brigid Curtain Frein, '98-'01
Terrence T. Prendergast, S.J., '99-'02
Joseph Jensen, O.S.B.
Archaeology Committee
William J. Fulco, S.J., Chair
James W. Flanagan
Kathleen S. Nash
Richard J. Sklba
Donald H. Wimmer
Committee on Credentials
Alexander A. Di Lella, O.F.M., Chair
Christopher T. Begg
Joseph Jensen, O.S.B.
Committee for Memorial Stipends and Young Scholars Fellowship
Adela Yarbro Collins, Chair
John P. Meier
Frederick J. Murphy
Committee on Nominations
Pauline A. Viviano, '96-'00, Chair
Carolyn Osiek, R.S.C.J., '97-'01
Richard J. Clifford, S.J., '98-'02
Paul J. Achtemeier, '99-'03
Committee on Resolutions
James A. Fischer, C.M., Chair
Harold W. Attridge, Jr.
Anthony R. Ceresko, O.S.F.S.
Committee on Scholarships
Carolyn A. Osiek, R.S.C.J., Chair
Karen A. Barta
Anthony J. Tambasco
Committee on Visiting Professors
Alice L. Laffey, Chair
Joseph Blenkinsopp
Leslie Hoppe, O.F.M.
Computer Committee
Jean-Pierre Ruiz, Chair
Robert Hodgson, Jr.
Hugh M. Humphrey
James P. McIlhone
Jerome T. Walsh
Editorial Staff of the CBQ
Aelred Cody, O.S.B., General Editor
Christopher T. Begg, Publishing Editor
Irene Nowell, O.S.B., Book Review Editor, Old Testament
Barbara Reid, O.P., Book Review Editor, New Testament
Associate Editors:
    Paul J. Achtemeier
    Dianne Bergant, C.S.A.
    Jon L. Berquist
    Barbara Bowe, R.S.C.J.
    Brendan Byrne, S.J.
    Linda Day
    John C. Endres, S.J.
    James W. Flanagan
    Chris Franke
    Beverly R. Gaventa
    John Paul Heil
    Gina Hens-Piazza
    Leslie J. Hoppe, O.F.M.
    Mark Kiley
    Robert A. Kugler
    Amy-Jill Levine
    Peter Machinist
    S. Dean McBride, Jr.
    Sean E. McEvenue
    Paula M. McNutt
    Alan C. Mitchell
    Francis J. Moloney, S.D.B.
    Frederick J. Murphy
    Jerome Murphy-O'Connor, O.P.
    Harry P. Nasuti
    Jerome H. Neyrey, S.J.
    Mark Allan Powell
    Jean-Pierre Ruiz
    Choon-Leong Seow
    Gregory E. Sterling
    Bonnie Thurston
Editorial Board of CBQMS
Mark S. Smith, General Editor
Associate Editors:
    Lawrence E. Boadt, C.S.P.
    Richard J. Clifford, S.J.
    John J. Collins
    Frederick W. Danker
    Robert A. Di Vito
    Ralph W. Klein
    Léo Laberge, O.M.I.
    Bruce J. Malina
    Pheme Perkins
    Anthony J. Saldarini
    Eugene C. Ulrich
    Ronald D. Witherup, S.S.
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Christopher T. Begg, General Editor
Joseph Jensen, O.S.B., Managing Editor
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    Alexander A. Di Lella, O.F.M.
    Diana V. Edelman
    Aloysius Fitzgerald, F.S.C.
    Leslie J. Hoppe, O.F.M.
    Roland E. Murphy, O.Carm.
    Kathleen S. Nash
    Kathleen M. O'Connor
    John T. Willis
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