Gospel Illustrations by James Tissot
compiled by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

Part II: Smaller Illustrations
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Part I: Full-Page Illustrations

Tissot, James Jacques Joseph (1836-1902). The Life of Our Saviour Jesus Christ: Three Hundred and Sixty-five Compositions from the Four Gospels, with Notes and Explanatory Drawings by J. James Tissot; Notes Translated by Mrs. Arthur Bell (N. d'Anvers).

EDITION A: 4 vols. New York: The McClure-Tissot Company, 1899.

Illustrations in the Text; and Supplementary Illustrations

For thumbnails of these illustrations, see Part IIA: Gospel Illustrations or Part IIB: Supplementary Illustrations

Vol.Page Type Illustrations in the Text
1.xiii sup Lamps in the Mosque of El-Aksa
1.001 g Zacharias and Elizabeth
1.003 sup Fountain of the Virgin at Ain-Karim
1.004 g The Vision of Zacharias
1.005 g The Testing of the Suitors of the Virgin
1.006 g The Betrothal of the Holy Virgin and Saint Joseph
1.007 sup Plan of the House at Nazareth
1.008a g The Annunciation
1.008b g The Holy Virgin as a Girl
1.009 g The Visitation
1.012 g The Anxiety of Saint Joseph
1.013 g Saint Joseph
1.015 sup View of Nazareth
1.016 g The Vision of Saint Joseph (missing)
1.017 g The Nativity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
1.018 sup Plan of the Grotto of the Nativity at Bethlehem
1.019 sup A Jewish Armenian
1.020 g “Gloria in Excelsis Deo”
1.021 g The Adoration of the Shepherds
1.023 g The Aged Simeon
1.024 g The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
1.025 g Saint Anna
1.028a g The Magi on Their Way to Bethlehem
1.028b g Interview of the Magi with Herod
1.032 g The Flight into Egypt
1.033 g The Sojourn in Egypt
1.035 sup The Citadel of Cairo: View Taken from Mount Mokatam
1.036 g The Return from Egypt
1.037 g Jesus and His Mother at the Fountain
1.038 sup Mount Mokatam: View Taken from the Citadel of Cairo
1.040a g Jesus Lost
1.040b sup Cloisters of the Mehemet Ali Mosque
1.041 g Jesus Sitting in the Midst of the Doctors
1.042 sup Haram: Mosque of Es-Sakhra, Called the Mosque of Omar, Jerusalem
1.043 sup Jews
1.044 g The Youth of Jesus
1.045 sup Bas-Relief from the El-Aksa Mosque
1.047 sup Jewish Ornament
1.054 sup Ossuary
1.055 g Union in Prayer
1.056 g The Voice in the Desert
1.057 g “The Ax Laid Unto the Root of the Tree”
1.059 sup Mountains Near Jericho
1.060 g Saint John the Baptist and the Pharisees
1.061 g Saint John the Baptist Sees Jesus from Afar
1.063 g Jesus Taken Up into an High Mountain
1.064 g Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness
1.065 g Jesus Set Upon a Pinnacle of the Temple
1.067 g Saint John
1.068 g Jesus Ministered to By Angels
1.069 g The Calling of Saint Peter and Saint Andrew
1.070 g Saint Andrew
1.071 sup The Lake of Gennesaret, Near the Site of Bethsaida
1.072 g The Calling of Saint James and Saint John
1.073 g Nathanael Under the Fig-Tree
1.074 g Saint Bartholomew
1.075a sup In Old Cairo
1.075b sup Phoenician Capital
1.076 g The Betrothed of Cana of Galilee
1.077 g The Marriage in Cana
1.078 sup In Old Cairo (missing)
1.079a sup An Armenian
1.079b sup Ornament in Gilded Metal from the Es-Sakhra Mosque
1.080 g Jesus Goes Up to Jerusalem
1.081 g Interview Between Jesus and Nicodemus
1.082 g Nicodemus
1.083a sup In the Island of Rhoda, Old Cairo
1.083b sup Phoenician Capital
1.084 g The Disciples of Jesus Baptizing
1.085 g The Man with an Infirmity of Thirty-And-Eight Years
1.086 sup A Woman of Jerusalem
1.088 g The Piscina Probatica
1.089 g The Woman of Samaria at the Well
1.090 g Saint Philip
1.091 sup A Synagogue in Jerusalem
1.092 g Jesus in the Synagogue
1.093 g The Brow of the Hill Near Nazareth
1.094 g The Hidden Treasure
1.095 g The Man at the Plough
1.096 g The Man with an Unclean Spirit in the Synagogue
1.097a sup Two Columns, Jerusalem (missing)
1.097b g Healing of Simon’s Wife’s Mother
1.098 g Saint Simon
1.099 g The Man Who Laid Up Treasure
1.100 g Jesus Went Out into a Desert Place
1.101 g Jesus Teaching in the Synagogue
1.102 g The Vine Dresser and the Fig-Tree
1.103 g Saint Paul
1.104 g The Healing of the Ruler’s Son
1.105 g Jesus Preaching in a Ship
1.106 sup A Corner in the Valley of Hinnom
1.107 g Saint James the Greater
1.108a g The First Miraculous Draught of Fishes
1.108b sup Judaic Ornament (missing)
1.109 g Jesus Healing the Lame and the Blind on the Mountain
1.110 sup Garden of Dancing Dervishes at Cairo
1.111 sup Garden of Dancing Dervishes at Cairo
1.112 g Jesus Teaching the Multitude
1.113 g The Calling of Saint Matthew
1.114 g Saint Matthew
1.115 g The Lost Piece of Silver
1.116 g Jesus Sat at Meat with Matthew
1.117 g Christ Healing the Withered Hand
1.118 sup A Street in Jerusalem
1.119 g The Enemy Sowing Tares
1.120 g The Pharisees and the Herodians
2.121 g The Ordaining of the Twelve Apostles
2.122 g The two Women at the Mill
2.123 g “When ye come into an house, salute it”
2.124 g Jesus asleep during the storm
2.125 g Jesus stilling the tempest
2.126 sup Jewish Bible at Jerusalem
2.127 sup Valley of Hinnom
2.128a g “My name is Legion”
2.128b sup Ornament from the Valley of Hinnom (missing)
2.129 g The two Men possessed with Devils
2.130 g The Good Shepherd
2.131 sup Synagogue of the Mugarabees
2.132 g The swine driven into the sea
2.133 g The Raising of Jairus’ daughter
2.134 sup Bir-Ayoub or Job’s Well
2.135 sup The Sea of Tiberias
2.136 g The dumb man possessed with a devil
2.137 g Healing of the woman with the issue of blood
2.138 sup Woman of Geba, Samaria
2.139 sup A Jew of Jerusalem
2.140 g “Lord, I am not worthy”
2.141 g The man possessed of a devil in the Synagogue
2.143 g Saint Mark
2.144 g “Young man, I say unto thee, Arise”
2.145 g The Disciples pluck corn on the Sabbath
2.147 sup Women of Cairo
2.148 g Healing of the Canaanite’s daughter
2.149 g “They brought unto Him all that were diseased”
2.150 g The Parable of the Sower
2.151 sup A Jew of Jerusalem
2.152a g A woman anoints the feet of Jesus
2.152b sup The Pediment of one of the tombs of the Prophets
2.153 g Jesus commanding His Disciples to rest
2.154 g The blind leading the blind
2.155 sup Entrance to the Tombs of the Kings
2.156 g The Palsied Man let down through the roof
2.157 g The Sermon on the Mount
2.158 sup A Street in Jaffa
2.159 sup Olive trees in the Valley of Hinnom
2.160 g “He laid his hands upon a few sick folk”
2.161 g Two blind men healed at Capernaum
2.162 g Lazarus at the rich man’s door
2.163 sup Pottery from Judæa
2.164 g The dumb man possessed of a devil healed at Capernaum
2.165 g Christ’s exhortation to the twelve Apostles
2.166 sup Jews of Jerusalem
2.167 g Herod
2.168 g The daughter of Herodias dancing
2.169 g The head of Saint John the Baptist in a charger
2.171 g Saint Thaddæus or Saint Jude
2.172 g The Miracle of the loaves and fishes
2.173 g The people seek Christ to make Him a King
2.174 sup A Jew of Jerusalem
2.175 g The Rich Man in Hell
2.176 g Jesus going up into a mountain apart to pray
2.177 g Jesus walking on the sea
2.178 sup Vineyards with their Watch-towers
2.179 g The Son of the Master of the Vineyard
2.180 g Saint Peter walks on the sea
2.181 g “Ye seek me, because ye did eat of the loaves”
2.182 sup The Lake of Gennesaret, near Medgel, the ancient Magdala
2.183 sup A Jew
2.184 g Christ reproving the Pharisees
2.185 g The Pharisees and Sadducees come to tempt Jesus
2.186 sup A Woman of Cairo
2.187 g The Woman who had an infirmity eighteen years
2.188 g The Transfiguration
2.189 g The Demoniac Boy at the foot of Mount Tabor
2.191 sup Village at the foot of Mount Tabor
2.192 g Christ sending out the seventy disciples two by two
2.193 g The charge to Saint Peter
2.194 g The Pharisees accusing Jesus
2.195 sup A well near the Bridge of Kedron
2.196 g “The First shall be Last”
2.197 g Jesus and the little Child
2.198 sup Valley of the Kedron
2.199 g The Holy Women
2.200 g Jesus on His way to Galilee
2.201 g “Get thee behind me, Satan!”
2.203a sup An Armenian
2.203b sup Woman and Child of Jericho
2.204 g Mary Magdalene before her conversion
2.205 g The repentant Magdalene
2.206 sup Women of Geba, Samaria
2.207 g An Herodian and a Sadducee of Galilee
2.208 g The Lawyer standing up and tempting Jesus
2.209 g Jesus passing through the villages on His way to Jerusalem
2.211 g Zacharias killed between the Altar and the Temple
2.212 g The rich young man who went away sorrowful
2.213 g The woman who lifted up her voice
2.215 sup Garden of the Citadel, Cairo
2.216 g The Healing of the ten Lepers
2.217 g Jesus at Bethany
2.218 g Martha
2.219 sup Aceldama, Valley of Hinnom
2.220 g Mary Magdalene at the feet of Jesus
2.221 g Jesus Christ discoursing with His Disciples in the Valley of Jehoshaphat
2.222 g The Tower of Siloam
2.223 sup Jerusalem, seen from the Mount of Olives
2.224 g The Lord’s Prayer
2.225 g “But no man laid hands upon Him”
2.226 g Holy Women listening to Our Lord
2.227 sup South-eastern corner of Jerusalem, taken from the road to Bethany
2.228 g Jesus writing on the ground
2.229 g The woman taken in adultery alone with Jesus
2.230 sup Ancient Tombs, Valley of Hinnom
2.231a g The Canaanite woman
2.231b sup Greek Inscription from the Court of the Gentiles
2.232 g Jesus speaking in the Treasury
2.233 g “He that is of God hears God’s words”
2.235 g One of the Holy Women
2.236 g The blind man washes in the Pool of Siloam
2.237 g The blind man tells his story to the Jews
2.239 g The Good Samaritan
2.240 g The Jews took up stones to cast at Him
2.241 g Jesus walking in Solomon’s Porch
2.242 g Private Counsels
2.243 g Johanna Chuza
2.244 g The Wise Virgins
2.245 g The Foolish Virgins
2.246 g Mary Magdalene at the feet of Jesus
2.247 g “Jesus wept”
2.248 g Lazarus
2.249 g The Prodigal Son
2.250 sup Steps leading to the Tombs of the Kings
2.251 g The Tribunal
2.252 g The Return of the Prodigal Son
2.253 g Jesus on His way to Ephraim
2.254 sup An Armenian
2.255 sup A Jew of Jerusalem
2.256 g “Suffer the little Children to come unto Me”
2.257 g Zacchæus in the sycamore tree
2.258 sup The Valley of the Kedron near Mar-Saba
2.259 g A Sadducee
2.260 g The healing of two blind men at Jericho
3.006 sup Capital from the El-Aksa Mosque
3.008 g The Foal of Bethphage
3.009 g The Procession on the Mount of Olives
3.010 g The Procession of the Apostles
3.011 sup Path on the Mount of Olives
3.012 g “Jesus wept”
3.013 g The Procession in the streets of Jerusalem
3.014a sup Out-buildings of the Armenian Convent at Jerusalem
3.014b sup Capital from the El-Aksa Mosque
3.015 g Yemenites of Jerusalem
3.016 g The Multitude in the Temple
3.017 g The Chief Priests take counsel together
3.018a g Members of the Tribunal
3.019 sup A Fig-tree in the Valley of Hinnom
3.020 g The accursed Fig-tree
3.021 g Christ driving out them that sold in the Temple
3.022 g Jewish children
3.023 sup Women of Geba, Samaria
3.024 g Jesus forbids the carrying of vessels through the Temple
3.025 g The healing of the Lame in the Temple
3.026 sup Path from Gethsemane to the Mount of the Ascension
3.027 g Jesus goes out to Bethany in the evening
3.028 sup A Jew of Jerusalem
3.029 g The Gentiles ask to see Jesus
3.030 sup Site of the Court of the Gentiles: Haram: Mount Zion in the distance
3.031 g Young girls of Bethlehem
3.032 g The Voice from Heaven
3.033 g The Chief Priests ask Jesus by whose authority He acts
3.034 sup Esplanade of the Haram
3.035 sup An Armenian
3.036 g The Corner Stone
3.037 g The Tribute Money
3.038 sup Half-way up the Mount of Olives
3.039 g Saint Luke
3.040 g The Pharisees question Jesus
3.041 g “Woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees”
3.042 g One of the Salome
3.043 sup A Jew
3.044 g  “Jerusalem, Jerusalem!”
3.045 g The Widow’s mite
3.046 g A disciple from the South
3.047 sup Steps in the Haram
3.048 g The Disciples admire the buildings of the Temple
3.049 g The Prophecy of the destruction of the Temple
3.050 sup A corner of the Haram, on the supposed site of the Temple
3.051 sup An Armenian
3.052 g Mary Magdalene’s box of very precious ointment
3.053 g The Jews conspire together
3.054 sup Transept of the El-Aksa Mosque
3.055a g Exhortation to the Sinner
3.056 g Judas goes to the Chief Priests
3.057 g Christ going to the Mount of Olives at night
3.058a g One of the Messengers of Saint John the Baptist
3.058b sup Antique frieze at Jefna on the road from Naplusium to Jerusalem
3.062 sup Pillar of a balustrade found in excavations at Jerusalem (missing)
3.066 sup Yalley of Jehoshaphat, looking towards Shiloh
3.067 sup Antique cornice let into the wall of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem
3.068 sup Capital from the El-Aksa Mosque
3.069 g North-east angle of Jerusalem
3.070 sup Walls of Jerusalem on the northern side
3.071 sup South-west angle of the Haram on the site of the Temple,
taken from the Gate of the Mugarabees
3.072 g Modern Jerusalem
3.073 g Heathen Temple built by Hadrian on the site of Calvary
3.074 sup The Tomb of Absalorn in the Valley of Jehoshaphat
3.075a g South-east angle of Jerusalem
3.075b sup Ornament in gilded metal from the Es-Sakhra Mosque, called the Mosque of Omar
3.076 sup Capital from the El~Aksa Mosque
3.077 g The Man bearing a pitcher
3.078 sup Jerusalem as seen from the Hill of Evil Counsel
3.079a g Thursday evening
3.079b sup Ornament from the Valley of Hinnom
3.080 g The Jews’ Passover
3.081 g The Lord’s Supper: Judas dipping his hand in the dish
3.082 sup A Jew of Jerusalem
3.084 g Jesus washing the Disciples’ Feet
3.085 g The Communion of the Apostles
3.086a g Thursday evening
3.087 g The Departure of Judas
3.088 g The Last Discourse of Our Lord Jesus Christ
3.089 g Women watching Jesus pass
3.090a g Thursday evening
3.090b sup Ornament in gilded metal from the Es-Sakhra Mosque, called that of Omar
3.091 sup The Bridge of Kedron, coming from Gethsemane
3.092 g “Philip, he that hath seen me hath seen the Father”
3.093 g The Protestations of Saint Peter
3.094 g Saint Peter
3.095 g “My soul is exceeding sorrowful unto death”
3.096 g The Agony in the Garden
3.097 g “Could ye not watch with me one hour?”
3.098 sup The Valley of Jehoshaphat
3.099a g Judas
3.099b g Thursday evening
3.100 g Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss
3.101 g “They went backward and fell to the ground”
3.102 g Saint James the Less
3.103 g Peter smites off the ear of Malchus
3.104 g Christ healing the ear of Malchus
3.105 g “And they all forsook him and fled”
3.106 g Saint Peter and Saint John follow afar off
3.107a g Thursday evening
3.107b sup Jerusalem from the south, with Sion and the Mosques
of El-Aksa and of Omar on the left
3.108 g Jesus taken before Annas
3.109 g The false Witnesses before Caiaphas
3.110 sup The Bridge of Kedron and the Tomb of Absalom
3.112a g The second Denial of Saint Peter
3.112b g Annas and Caiaphas
3.113 g The High Priest rends his clothes
3.114 g Friday morning
3.115 sup The Valley of Jehoshaphat, coming from Bethany
3.116 g “Jesus turned and looked upon Peter”
3.118 g “Peter went out and wept bitterly”
3.119a g “The cock crew”
3.119b g Friday morning
3.120 g Friday morning: Jesus in prison
3.121 g The Judgment on the morning of Good Friday
3.122 g Judas repents and returns the price of blood
3.123a sup The Valley of Hinnom (Aceldama)
3.123b g Friday morning
3.124 g Judas hangs himself
3.125 g The Apostles hiding in the Valley of Hinnom
3.126 sup Valley of Hinnom with its ancient tombs where the Apostles hid themselves
3.127 sup The greater part of the supposed site of the-Temple
3.128 g Jesus led from Caiaphas to Pilate
3.129 g Jesus before Pilate for the first time
3.130a sup A corner of the Haram
3.130b g Pilate
3.131a g Friday morning
3.131b sup Frieze from a Tomb of the Valley of Hinnom
3.132 g The Message from Pilate’s Wife
3.133 g Jesus before Herod
3.134a sup Jerusalem and Shiloh
3.134b sup A Jew of Jerusalem
3.135 sup Site of the Antonia Tower
3.136 g Jesus led back from Herod to Pilate
3.137 sup [Unidentified Capital]
4.137 sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.138a sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.139 g Agnus Dei:-The Scape-Goat
4.140a sup An Armenian
4.140b sup Antique Fragment found near the site of the Temple
4.141 g “Ecce Homo!”
4.142a g Friday morning
4.143 g Jesus for the second time before Pilate
4.144 g Barabbas
4.145 g “Let Him be crucified”
4.146 g Pilate washes his hands
4.147 sup Plan of Jerusalem
4.148 g Jesus leaves the Prætorium
4.149 g Bird’s-eye View of the Forum
4.150 g Pilate pronounces Judgment from the Gabbatha
4.151 g The Title on the Cross
4.152 g “And they put his own raiment on him”
4.153 g Christ bearing His Cross
4.154a g Friday evening
4.154b sup The Via Dolorosa
4.155 sup Plan of the Via Dolorosa
4.156 g Christ falls beneath His Cross
4.157 g Jesus meets His Mother
4.158 g Simon of Cyrene and his two sons: Alexander and Rufus
4.159 sup The Via Dolorosa
4.160 g Saint Veronica
4.161 g The Holy Face
4.162 g The Daughters of Jerusalem
4.163 g Friday evening
4.164 g Restoration of Calvary as seen from the walls of the Gate of Judgment
4.165 g Calvary as seen from the Walls of Herod’s Palace
4.166 sup Plan of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
4.167 sup Plan of the site of Calvary for comparison
with the Plan of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
4.168 g The Procession arriving at Calvary
4.169 g The Holy Women look on from afar
4.170a sup Part of the Ancient Arch known as that of Ecce Homo
4.170b sup An Armenian
4.171 g Friday evening
4.172 g The Disciples watch from afar
4.173 g Jesus taken from the old cistern
4.174a sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.174b sup An Armenian
4.175 sup An Armenian
4.176 g Jesus stripped of His raiment
4.177 g The myrrh and the gall
4.178a sup A Yemenite of Jerusalem
4.178b sup An Armenian
4.179a sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.179b g Friday evening
4.180 g The First Nail
4.181 g The Nail driven into the Feet
4.182a sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.182b sup An Armenian
4.183 sup A Jewish woman of Jerusalem
4.184 g The Elevation of the Cross
4.185 g The Five Wedges
4.186 sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.187 g Friday evening
4.188 g “They parted his raiment and cast lots”
4.189 g “And sitting down they watched him there”
4.190a sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.190b sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.191 sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.192 g Stabat Mater
4.193 g Mater Dolorosa
4.194 sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.195 g Friday evening
4.196 g “I thirst!”
4.197 g He bowed his head and gave up the Ghost
4.198 sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.199 sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.200 g The Earthquake
4.201 sup A Capital from the El-Aksa Mosque
4.202a g The Chasm in the rock of Calvary
4.202b sup An Armenian
4.203 g The Centurion glorifies God
4.204a g The Centurion
4.204b g An Armenian
4.205 g The Dead appear in the Temple
4.206 g Apparition of the Dead in Jerusalem
4.207 g Friday evening
4.208 g The Soldiers break the legs of the Thieves
4.209 g The Piercing of the side of Jesus
4.210 sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.211 g Confession of Saint Longinus
4.212 sup A Capital from the El-Aksa Mosque
4.224 sup [unidentified design]
4.225 g Jesus alone on the Cross
4.226a sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.227 g Joseph of Arimathæa
4.228 g Joseph of Arimathæa in Pilate’s House
4.229 g The Blessed Virgin receives the Body of her Son
4.230 sup The round Stone seen from within
4.231 sup A Tomb in the Valley of Hinnom
4.232 g The Body of Jesus carried to the Stone of Anointing
4.233 g The Stone of Anointing
4.234 sup An ancient Well
4.235 sup The round Stone seen from without
4.236 g Christ in the Tomb
4.237 g The two Marys watch the Tomb of Jesus
4.238 g The Roman Guards at the Tomb
4.240 g Mary Magdalene and the Holy Women at the Tomb
4.241 g The Angel on the Stone of the Sepulchre
4.243 sup Tombs in the Valley of Hinnom
4.244 g “They have taken away the Lord!”
4.245 g Saint Peter and Saint John run to the Sepulchre
4.246 g Mary Magdalene in the Tomb
4.247 sup A corner of Shiloh
4.248 g Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene
4.249 g “Touch me not!”
4.250 sup Tombs in the Valley of Hinnom
4.251a sup Bir-Ayoub or Job’s Well
4.251b sup Ornament in gilded metal from the Es-Sakhra Mosque
4.252 g Christ appears to the Holy Women
4.253 g The Disciples on the road to Emmaus
4.254 sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.255a sup Sanûr
4.255b sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.256 g “And he vanished out of their sight”
4.257 g Christ appears to the Eleven
4.258 g The Unbelief of Saint Thomas
4.259 g Saint Thomas
4.260 g Christ appears on the Shore of Lake Tiberias
4.261 g Saint Peter casts himself into the sea
4.262a sup Shiloh
4.263 sup The Lake of Tiberias
4.264 g The Second miraculous Draught of Fishes
4.265 g Christ eating with His Disciples
4.266 g “Feed my Sheep”
4.267 sup A Jew of Jerusalem
4.268 g The Ascension as seen from the Mount of Olives
4.269 g The Ascension as seen from below
4.270 g The Blessed Virgin in old age
4.272 g Portrait of the Pilgrim



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