Biblical Art by John August Swanson
Compiled here by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

John August Swanson

John August Swanson is a world-renownded contemporary artist whose works include many colorful depictions of stories from the Bible and other religious themes. Born in 1938, he has lived and worked most of his life in Los Angeles, CA.

Many of Swanson's beautiful works are on display in churches, universities, and museums around the world, including three museums of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, the Art Institute of Chicago, Harvard University’s Fogg Museum, the Tate Gallery in London, the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, the Vatican Museum of Modern Religious Art, and many other institutions. Some major exhibitions open to the public include:

Some of Swanson's art works are still available for collectors as limited-edition serigraphs, and others are available for purchase as posters or cards. Dozens of his works are also featured in published books and on book covers.

This webpage features only a few of Swanson's many inspiring works of art, sorted in biblical order. Enjoy!

Artwork related to the Old Testament:

John August Swanson: Building the Ark John August Swanson: The Flood John August Swanson: The Rainbow
Noah Triptych 1: Building the Ark (Genesis 6)
Noah Triptych 2: The Flood (Genesis 7—8)
Noah Triptych 3: The Rainbow (Genesis 9)
Abraham and Isaac John August Swanswon: Dream of Jacob John August Swanson: Story of Joseph
Abraham & Isaac (Genesis 22:1-14)
[Poster & Card]
Dream of Jacob (Genesis 28:10-22)
[Card only]
Story of Joseph (Genesis 37—50)
[Serigraph & Card]
John August Swanson: Story of Ruth John August Swanson: David and Goliath John August Swanson: Ecclesiastes
Story of Ruth (Ruth 1—4)
[Serigraph & Card]
David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17:1-51)
[Serigraph & Card]
Ecclesiastes (Eccl 3:1-8)
[Poster & Card & Book]
John August Swanson: Psalm 23 John August Swanson: Psalm 85 John August Swanson: Peaceable Kingdom
Psalm 23
Psalm 85
[Serigraph & Poster & Card]
Peaceable Kingdom (Isaiah 11)
[Poster & Card]
John August Swanson: Fiery Furnace John August Swanson: Daniel John August Swanson: Jonah
Fiery Furnace (Daniel 3)
[Poster only]
Daniel (Daniel 6)
[Serigraph & Card]
Jonah (Jonah 1—4)
[Poster & Card]

Artwork related to the New Testament:

John August Swanson: The Visit

John August Swanson: Nativity

John August Swanson: Shepherds

John August Swanson: Presentation in the Temple

John August Swanson: Epiphany

John August Swanson: Flight into Egypt

John August Swanson: The River

A Visit
(Luke 1:39-56)
[Serigraph & Card]

(Luke 2:1-7)

(Luke 2:8-20)

(Luke 2:22-38)
[Serigraph & Card]

(Matthew 2:1-12)
[Serigraph & Card]

Flight into Egypt
(Matthew 2:13-15)
[Serigraph & Card]

The River
(Mk 1:9-11; Mt 3:13-17)

John August Swanson: Christmas Triptych

Christmas Triptych
(Left: Epiphany, Center: Nativity, Right: Shepherds)
(Matt 2:1-12; Luke 2:1-7; Luke 2:8-20)
[Poster & Card]

John August Swanson: Wedding Feast

John August Swanson: Cast Your Nets

John August Swanson: Loaves and Fishes

Wedding Feast
(John 2:1-11)
[Serigraph & Card]

Cast Your Nets
(Luke 5:1-11)

Loaves and Fishes
(Mark 6:35-44; Matt 14:15-21; Luke 9:12-17; John 6:1-15)
[Serigraph & Card]

John August Swanson: Good Samaritan

John August Swanson: Prodigal Son

John August Swanson: Story of the Prodigal Son

Good Samaritan
(Luke 10:30-37)
[Serigraph & Card]

Prodigal Son
(Luke 15:11-32)

Story of the Prodigal Son
(Luke 15:11-32)
[Serigraph & Card]

John August Swanson: Take Away the Stone

John August Swanson: Entry into the City

John August Swanson: Last Supper

Take Away the Stone
(John 11:38-45)
[Serigraph & Card]

Entry into the City
(Mark 11:7-10; Matt 21:6-11; Luke 19:35-40; John 12:12-16)

The Last Supper
(Mark 14:17-25; Matt 26:20-29; Luke 22:14-23)
[Serigraph & Card]

John August Swanson: Washing of the Feet

Agony in the Garden.....Kiss of Judas Crucifixion

Washing of the Feet
(John 13:1-17)
[Serigraph & Card]

Agony in the Garden & Kiss of Judas
(Mark 14; Matt 26; Luke 22)
(Mark 15; Matt 27; Luke 23)

John August Swanson Celebration

John August Swanson: St. Michael and the Archangels

Deposition & Burial
(Mark 15; Matt 27; Luke 23)

(cf. Acts 2:1-4)

St. Michael & the Archangels
(Revelation 12:7-9)

Mosaics Created from Swanson's Paintings:

The River (Mark 1:9-11)
installed at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, Glendale, CA
The Great Catch (Luke 5:1-11)
installed at Concordia University, Irvine, CA

Artwork related to Religious Themes:

John August Swanson: Encuentro Poster John August Swanson: Francis and the Wolf John August Swanson: Francis of Assisi
Encuentro (1990)
Poster & Card
Francis and the Wolf (1985)
Serigraph & Card
Francis of Assisi (1999)
Poster & Card
John August Swanson: Festival of Lights John August Swanson: Madonna of the Harvest John August Swanson: Prayer John August Swanson: Procession
Festival of Lights (1991)
Serigraph & Poster & Card
Madonna of the Harvest (2010)
Prayer [e.e.cummings] (1994)
Poster & Card
The Procession (1982)
Serigraph & Poster & Card

Artwork related to Other Themes:

Books by John August Swanson and/or Featuring His Artworks:

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