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Woodcuts by Gustave Doré (1832-1883)
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The Gospel according to Matthew

Matt 2:1-12
Matthew 2:1-12
The Magi from the East
Matt 2:13-15
Matthew 2:13-15
The Flight into Egypt
Matt 2:16-18
Matt 2:16-18
The Massacre of the Innocents
Matthew 5-7
Matthew 5–7
The Sermon on the Mount
Matthew 12:22
Matthew 9:2
Jesus Heals a Paralytic
Matt 14:3-12
Matthew 14:3-12
Herod's Daughter Receives
the Head of John the Baptist
Matthew 14:15-21
Matthew 14:15-21
Jesus Feeds the Multitudes
Matthew 17:14-20
Matthew 17:14-20
Jesus Heals an Epileptic
Matt 15:29-31
Matthew 19:2
Jesus Heals the Sick
Matt 21:1-11
 Matthew 21:1-11
Jesus Enters into Jerusalem
Matthew 15-22
Matthew 22:15-22
Jesus Disputes with Pharisees
about the Tribute Money
Matt 26:36-46
    Matthew 26:36-46
Jesus Prays in the Garden
John 19:2-3
Matt 27:29
Jesus Is Crowned with Thorns
Matthew 27:22-31
Matthew 27:27-31
Jesus Is Mocked
Luke 23:33-34
Matt 27:50
The Death of Jesus
Matthew 28:1-8
Matthew 28:1-8
The Angel at the Empty Tomb

(Images reproduced from The Doré Bible Illustrations [New York: Dover, 1974] - with permission of the publisher.)


Cassell (1866-70) Dover (1974)
"The Baptism of Jesus" (John 1:32) "The Baptism of Jesus" (Matt 3:16, 17)
"Jesus Preaching in the Synagogue" (Mark 1:22) "Christ in the Synagogue" (Matt 13:54, 55)
"The Erection of the Cross" (Luke 23:33) "The Erection of the Cross" (Matt 27:35)
"The Crown of Thorns" (Matt 27:29) "The Crown of Thorns" (John 19:2)
"The Death of Jesus" (Matt 27:50) "The Crucifixion" (Luke 23:34)
"Jesus Healing the Sick Man of the Palsy" (Matt 9:2) "The Dumb Man Possessed" (Matt 12:22)
"Jesus Healing the Sick" (Matt 19:2) "Jesus Healing the Sick" (Matt 15:30)


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Most images reproduced from The Doré Bible Illustrations [New York: Dover Publications, 1974] with permission.
This collection was compiled by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.
Special thanks to Patrick Carroll for his help in creating these webpages.

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