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photos by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.
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Maps and Illustrations from Samuel Ball Platner's
The Topography and Monuments of Ancient Rome
(Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1904)

Each of the following images is available both in single-screen size (ca. 750 pixels wide), for an initial overview,
and in a much larger size (ca. 2000-4000 pixels wide), so text and details can be clearly seen.
Click on whatever size you wish, but remember that the larger files take much longer to download!

Illustration single-screen size large-detail size
Map of Ancient Rome: 750x544 pixels (93 kB) 3121x2263 pixels (749kB)
Map of Rome Modern (ca. 1902): 750x547 pixels (106 kB) 2687x1957 pixels (568kB)
Stages in the Growth of the City: 750x729 pixels (133 kB) 1360x1321 pixels (210 kB)
Forum Romanum (Republican Era): 750x602 pixels (119 kB) 1674x1342 pixels (331 kB)
Forum Romanum (Imperial Era): 750x556 pixels (100 kB) 2755x2041 pixels (822 kB)
Forum Romanum (ca. 1902): 750x459 pixels (61 kB) 2941x1797 pixels (405 kB)
Plan of the Imperial Fora: 750x408 pixels (87 kB) 2032x1103 pixels (432 kB)
Plan of the Capitoline Hill: 750x618 pixels (109 kB) 1632x1343 pixels (289 kB)
Plan of the Palatine Hill: 750x572 pixels (94 kB) 2735x2083 pixels (613 kB)
Plan of the Tiber Island: 750x540 pixels (70 kB) 1216x875 pixels (101 kB)
Ancient Construction Methods: 750x627 pixels (94 kB) 1267x1058 pixels (141 kB)

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