Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus - A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
photos by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D. - taken May 16-29, 2011


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Arriving in Tel Aviv (Tues, May 17)

"Everyone have their luggage?"

"Getting to know you!"

"Who can tell the funniest jokes?"

"We're a long way from Las Vegas!"...

..."But it seems just as hot here as there!"

The princess and her attendant

"Why is it so blurry in here?" (oops - sorry!)

Some tired; some wide awake...

...but everyone smiling and happy!

Mount of the Beatitudes: Our Home for the First Week

Our First Day of Visiting Galilee with Johnny Asmar (Wed, May 18)

Listening Attentively to Johnny

Entering the Church of Mary's Well

"All right! Can I have your attention, please?"
"See any water down there?". . . "We'll have to try another door"

Ancient Roman Theater in Sepphoris
"We're hiking way up there" . . . "Whew! We made it to the top"

Boat Ride on the Sea of Galilee (Thurs, May 19)


Various Scenes around the Sea of Galilee (May 19-22)

"How about a Hot Bath?!"

Getting ready for Renewal of Baptismal Promises

In the Jordan River - not too cold!

Our trusty bus (with Samir, our driver)

"Back on the bus in two minutes!"
Magdalena visiting her home town! (with Karin)

When's the FISH coming? I'm hungry!

What a great smile!

Tired after a long day!


Tagbha: Church of Peter's Primacy (Sat, May 21)

Banias / Caesarea Philippi (Sat, May 21)



Group Pictures: Mount of the Beatitudes (Sat, May 21)

From Mount Tabot to Jerusalem (Sun, May 23)

Visit to Bethlehem University (Mon, May 23)

Bethlehem: Church of the Nativity (Monday, May 23)


Lunch in Bethlehem (Monday, May 23)

Ein Karem: Church of John the Baptist & Church of the Visitation (Monday, May 23)

Looking for more Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran (Tues, May 24)

Visiting the Tomb of Lazarus in Bethany (Tues, May 24)


Jerusalem: Western Wall & Temple Mount & Israel Museum (Wed, May 25)


Church of St. Anne

Mount of Olives & Gethsemane & Mount Zion (Thurs, May 26)

RAMPART WALK (Thursday, May 26)


Stations of the Cross; Holy Sepulchre, Yad VaShem (Fri, May 27)


Farewell Dinner at the Ambassador Hotel (Fri, May 27)

Our Last Day in Israel: Jerusalem, Emmaus, Caesarea, Joppa (Sat, May 28)


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